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Why choose ArtResin?

At we have tried and tested numerous clear epoxy systems that can be used for coating artwork but we have never found a system that works better than the original ArtResin® product.

For this reason we worked with ArtResin Inc for many years, importing and selling their fantastic product to artists and makers in the UK and Europe.

Here's why we think ArtResin® is the ultimate choice when coating your artwork:


ArtResin is certified non-toxic and safe for home use. There are no VOCs and there is no smell or need for a respirator.


ArtResin has been designed from the beginning to have the best possible resistance to yellowing.


ArtResin's one-to-one mixing ratio is user-friendly and there are plenty of great video tutorials on a range of resin-coating topics.


ArtResin cures with a gorgeous smooth, glossy finish. It’s also perfect for use with pigments and tints for a world of creative options.